Meat Delivery


Meat Delivery Service in Greater Toronto Area

Fresh meat is a delicate item that needs to be handled with care. On top of that, it needs to be delivered on time. At Shoot Delivery, we do exactly that…we deliver on time using reliable refrigerated vehicles and personnel that work around the clock to ensure the meat is always fresh and undamaged when it reaches its destination. Meat being a perishable product requires special handling mechanisms to ensure it is always at its highest quality when it reaches the customers.
Our drivers are trained to deliver any form of meat including beef, chicken, fish and even sausages to the Greater Toronto Area every day. By using refrigerated vans or insulated containers with dry ice for transportation we ensure that everything is kept under refrigeration until it reaches the customers. The entire operation is fully compliant with food safety regulations and the HACCP guidelines. A full-time operator is monitoring all aspects of the transportation operation at all times.

No Drivers, No Headaches

You will never have to manage staff and drivers again. Our highly trained drivers make sure that your customers get your delivery on time

Zero Maintenance

You will never need to worry about vehicle maintenance again. Ever! You name the job and we have a vehicle for that.

Peace Of Mind

When you outsource your last-mile delivery to us, we will make sure that you don’t ever have to worry about logistics again.

We Provide Deliveries in the Following Areas: 

Ajax Meat Delivery Brampton Meat Delivery Caledon Meat Delivery Etobicoke Meat Delivery King City Meat Delivery Markham Meat Delivery North York Meat Delivery Oakville Meat Delivery Oshawa Meat Delivery Pickering Meat Delivery Richmond Hill Meat Delivery Scarborough Meat Delivery Toronto Meat Delivery Vaughan Meat Delivery Whitby Meat Delivery Whitechurch – Stouffville Meat Delivery


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